Team Event Meeting Tracking - Outlook

  • So a request has come to me to create a room resource, no problem 15 minutes later room resource is up. 10 minutes after that "the room resource is cancelling these double booked events"

    Well of course it is, it's a room resource, it can't double book.

    So the original question as it should've been asked is "What can we use to schedule team meetings with our clients so we know what topics are being discussed in each meeting?" (the team calendar view or room resource whatever doesn't have to accept the meeting)

    I'm kind of at a loss as to why they wouldn't just use the outlook calendars they have, and track it through the individual calendars, but a part of the goal is to see all client meetings in one place, from all team members.

  • Would assigning Booking Delegates be enough to cover this do you think? I imagine it would be a pain in the ass to have to accept meetings for a fictional room resource just to track the a teams meetings.

  • Why not just have a group shared calendar?

  • On O365 we only have the options for Users, and Resources.

    The best option would be to set a delegate on the calendar (someone who just accepts all of the meetings) and then they go on with life.

    But we have no one who can sit there and watch as these meetings come through.

    Thanks for the tip though.

  • Really? You can't create a secondary shared calendar in your O365 OWA profile? or through Outlook?

  • At the local user account, possibly, but that would mean the user would have to accept / decline as required.

    for O365, no there isn't an option that I've found.

  • Can you have a resource auto accept even if there are overlapping?

  • @Dashrender said:

    Can you have a resource auto accept even if there are overlapping?

    That is what I was looking for on the resource, but from what I found, there is no option.

    Either Automatically accept / decline or Assign a Delegate.

    I'm still assuming that a delegate can overlap accept meetings but haven't gotten to testing it.

  • @DustinB3403 so auto accept doesn't do it? or it auto accepts only the first.. and auto declines any over lapping?

  • It only auto accepts the first event for that time slot (until the meeting is over) and then declines the rest.