XO Whats the difference between Job Manager and the Backup menu items

  • So I'm sure the Job Scheduler is designed for something specific, but I'm a bit fuzzy as to what... In the below picture there is Backup and Job Manager


    Under Backup you have the below as the main menu on the left


    So what might the Job Scheduler be used for, since scheduling Backup is clearly done though the Backup menu.

    Anyone have any guesses?

  • Job manager can do a bunch of things. Tasks for vms (start, stop, delete, migrate, suspend, etc) and other stuff like patching, reset the host, start and stop the host, something with ACL (I haven't done anything with that yet).

  • Exactly. Job manager is "generic": it allows you to build complex planned stuff (like shutdown those VM during the night, and create another job to start them in the morning).

    It's very very generic.

    Backup is a kind of specific planned job.