O365: Excel and OneDrive document

  • I haven't gotten to work with OneDrive or Excel online as of yet.

    But being as we are 'snow bound' I have one or two people that are asking about completed their timesheet.

    I have it uploaded to OneDrive, but can't seem to edit it in O365:Excel., I don't seem to have the ability to open it.

    Downloading Excel file opens a dialog box which you must enable editing to add data.

    Since MS has changed the interface on O365 and O365:Excel - some things have been moved

    What am I missing to be able to edit a document either on my local computer or shared via OneDrive.

  • Are you using OneDrive or OneDrive for Business? ODfB is what is part of O365 and what you want to be using.

  • @scottalanmiller
    I speculate it is the document. Not one that I have created. I connected to the office, saved it as a .xlsx file as it was a 97-2003 file type.

    It still didn't open, but it got farther than previously.

    It is old enough I wonder if it should be replaced (my desire to automate some of it).

    As for using OD or ODfB - Just ODfB...

  • Yeah, I doubt that XLS files will work. Try using a modern file from the past dozen years 😉

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    Yeah, I doubt that XLS files will work. Try using a modern file from the past dozen years 😉

    LOL - haha... yea... uh huh.. what is wrong with old technology.... That Underwood Typewriter still works perfectly... except the bell....... Minor issue.

    I re-saved it, that didn't help.. so I'm copying it to a new virgin workbook.. testing it now.

  • Creating a new document made a difference. I've known that I needed / WANTED to recreate many of the forms and such we have for HR and the departments. A vacation request was created in WORD and dumped to PDF, which forces a person to use a pen to complete it.

    A form would be better... Especailly now with the options of OneDrive and Sharepoint....