Learning Web Design

  • LAMP software on a development system...

    that is also helpful - basically have your test environment quickly loaded up where you need it.

    There are many of these packages and I'm sure others also have suggestions on which ones are better

  • Finally i did my very first HTML sample work. Yahooooo Looking forward to learn more.
    Thank you to all of you guys. Awesome.

  • Congrats.

  • @scottalanmiller said:


    Haha Thanks.

  • All has been said really.

    If you have windows, use WAMP. Will aid in making things easier (if you want)

    If you have a mac, then MAMP.

    No real need to learn how to setup mysql and all of that, it is nice, but since hosting companies are implementing one click installs, time better spent learning other elements.

    Personally, I LOVE wordpress. It's superb, the communities are great and so many resources as outlined above.

    All in all, good luck 🙂

    Let us know how you are getting on, will be good to see some examples, even if on screen grabs 🙂



  • @Gabi Thank you. I am always interested to learn new things. I am learning working now with Linux. Been working to set up Mediawiki in Centos. 🙂

  • I wrote our company website using Notepad entirely in classic ASP and CSS. There is no javascript. It is now looking pretty dated and I need to refresh it. The days of hand-coding websites seems to be over, and I think I need a decent content management system. The only options seem to be Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. I'll probably use Wordpress for no particular good reason.

    I bought a book on JQuery and Ajax, which I've yet to read, but as someone who doesn't really do web development the learning curve is pretty steep and I'm not sure it's worth my time trying to learn it.

    Regarding classic ASP, I'm not bad at it, but it's too old now. I don't know whether to upgrade to dot ASP.Net or switch to PHP.

  • PHP is far more portable. No need to be tied to an expensive Windows license.

  • The other reason CMS's win the day is because search results are more about content than anything else. Each change Google makes shows this to be true. A website with great information about their product, their workers, their solutions, posts about anything relating the business is important to search engines AND people.

    Until WP 3.0 (ability of user to add menus) I was still using Notepad to create website using simple PHP includes for the header, footer etc. I had a ton of PHP and Javascript scripts that I had tweaked over the years that I would use for certain items.

    @Carnival-Boy I could give you many many reasons to use WP over the other 2. I have converted a few Joomla sites to WP.

  • I like CMS's like I said, specially WP.

    If you want to start from scratch, there are SO MANY frameworks, so many opinions and so many people arguing.

    One that is really good (in my basic eyes) is Laravel. It is PHP based, use laracasts videos for learning, teaches you a load of stuff.

    A yes, good old days of notepad with classic ASP (my case PHP) used to love includes and all of that.

  • Good resource, thanks!

  • So two years ago i posted this topic.. Hmm yeah i learned a little bit of everything!

  • And how has the learning gone? What are you working on now?

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    And how has the learning gone? What are you working on now?

    I'm working on Learning python, trying to understand the Variables, Syntax etc. Don't worry the CSS and HTML5 eBook you gave me a few years ago is still alive.

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