Joyent SmartOS

  • Joyent, one of the leaders in cloud computing today with a huge IaaS and PaaS platform selection and the makers of Node.js that powers this community, has relatively recently released their SmartOS operating system to the open source community and made it available, for free, for everyone to download and use. SmartOS is a heavily financed and heavily used in enterprise production OpenSolaris-based operating system with all the expected features such as Dtrace, Zones and ZFS baked in. What makes it extra special is that in addition to those OpenSolaris features that would be expected there is also KVM, which is a Linux system product not a Solaris one. So that makes SmartOS very unique.

    I'm getting the latest version downloaded and loaded up in the NTG Labs tonight on our XenServer platform. SmartOS makes OpenSolaris far more attractive due to its huge commercial backing and enterprise usage. I am extremely interested to see what they have done with the system. Joyent uses SmartOS internally as the basis for their own cloud architecture. So this is anything but a hobby operating system.