Harman Kardon sound in an office desktop phone? Yes, Fanvil is different

  • How many desktop business phones can boast a luxury feature such as Harman Kardon HD sound? According to Tommy Lee, Harman Kardon among the many special touches, appointments and features, Fanvil delivers in its lineup of commercial products. “This is not another cloned phone,” says Lee. In this podcast we learn about the Fanvil product lines and some of the below and above skin features that set them apart. Lee, who is among a group of business leaders who helped pioneer the modern commercial instrument business in the age of SIP and cloud communications, believes Fanvil offers a critical level of product differentiation for service providers, channel partners and other companies, looking to set themselves apart in a crowded cloud communications environment. Lee discusses the various lines of products Fanvil has, applications to specific industries such as healthcare, office and other applications and environments, that include situations where a site may include office, warehouse and possibly outdoor sites.

    Lee also discusses a special program that allows the reseller to logo the Fanvil phones they are offering their business customers. In many cases, workers sometimes think that the phone label also indicates the provider name, so that the logo program connects the dots between the channel and the product they are physically introducing. While Fanvil is a global company, Lee is building a US sales team that focuses on personalized, customized service. Lee invites readers to call him directly to meet customer needs.
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