Windows 10 randomly loses connection with mapped drive

  • This is one of those totally random, intermittent problems.

    We have one Win10 desktop with data in a shared folder.
    Then another Win10 desktop with a mapped drive to that shared folder. They are both using same workgroup, it's not an AD setup.

    Both systems use the same program, but slave computer just has to connect over the mapped drive.

    So once or twice a month, for no apparent reason, the slave computer mapped drive just quits. It has a red x over the icon, can't connect to the drive when double-clicking it, and the master computer is on and fine.

    Only way to get it back to life is restart the slave computer, then Windows reconnects the mapped drive just fine.

    So what might cause Windows to break the mapped drive and be unable to reconnect until a restart?
    And second, is there some more robust way to create the mapped drive? I could go to static IPs on the workstation and use an IP instead of computer name or something to connect it? It's so annoying!

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  • I had a similar issue in a workgroup with drives disconnecting. A bunch of Googling brought me to this.

    That seemed to fix the issue for me.