New SMB Mapping Option UseWriteThrough: Shattering illusions of caching speed

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    Do you know that not every solution requires high available storage? Sometimes there is a need in functionality that gives us the option not to leverage any OS caching. Precisely this UseWriteThrough option you can find in the New-SBMMapping commandlet in Windows Server 2019. It allows a user to disable caching with SMB mappings in certain scenarios thus giving a possibility to prefer reliability over performance in non-continuously available file share scenarios. So, always check “paper proof of concepts” and find the best options for your IT infrastructure and business development!

    Read the article by Didier Van Hoye, Expert in Microsoft technologies, to find out how to use SMB Mapping Option UseWriteThrough and about its benefits.

  • OMG, NFS had the ability to mount with and without async and with hard and soft mounts since at least 15 years now. Well done on catching up MS, and pretending to provide a new and shiny killer feature 🙂

  • @dyasny Yeah no kidding

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