What to do when password is lost for Supermicro IPMI.

  • When you don't know the password to login on IPMI on Supermicro servers the only solution is to reset the IPMI to factory default settings. Then you can login with user ADMIN and password ADMIN.

    Supermicro has a utility program called IPMICFG that can be used for this. It's available for Windows, Linux and DOS. The most straight forward way, with no dependencies, is to boot into DOS and use the DOS utility.

    Easiest way to accomplish this is to create a bootable FreeDOS USB memory stick with Rufus (Windows required). https://rufus.akeo.ie/
    Just select FreeDOS and Rufus will create a bootable USB memory stick with FreeDOS on it.

    Next we need the IPMICFG utility. It can be found on Supermicro's site.
    It's a zip file and one directory called DOS contains the DOS utility.
    Take the DOS directory and copy it to your USB stick.

    Then take the USB stick and insert it into your Supermicro server. Boot to the USB drive (might have to change BIOS settings for this).

    Then run the IPMICFG utility to reset IPMI to factory default settings:

    ipmicfg -fd

    Program will respond with "Reset to the factory default completed."
    IP settings should be unchanged from before and you should be able to login now.

    A couple of other command that can be useful are:

    Show IP and MAC.
    ipmicfg -m

    Set IP addr
    ipmicfg -m

    Set subnet mask
    ipmicfg -k