FreePBX 14 super slow to update and then reboot

  • I posted this over on the FreePBX community to get the best chance of Sangoma looking at it.

    I did not post a bug report there yet as I have no idea if this is reproducible.

    Okay, I reverted the PBX to the snapshot I had prior to the update last night.

    I rebooted cleanly, and made sure everything was working normal, and then I made a new snapshot.

    After the snapshot I rebooted again just because I want to make sure everything is as normal as possible. Everything was working fine.

    I then ran yum update from a SSH session. It took almost an hour. I have never seen this happen before. The system was last updated sometime in April or early May.

    When the update was done I issued the reboot command from the SSH session.

    That gave me a weird error message that seems like some script was still running. So I exited that session.

    I still had a separate SSH session running to see if I got the above MySQL errors this time. Yup, I did.

    Here is everything from the yum update session it is quite long:

    Eventually, it did reboot after about 5 minutes of those errors.

    Everything came up normal and was working. I waited about 30 minutes and then issued a reboot from SysAdmin within the web GUI.

    I did not get MySQL errors, but I did get this. Again like 5 minutes to actually reboot.

    I had a separate window up and it showed /sbin/reboot executing the entire time.

    I waited 20 minutes and issued another reboot from the web GUI, and look what happened.

    At this point I assume it will fully reboot in 5 minutes as it has been.
    edit: yup.

    Edit 2:
    For reference this was FreePBX 13 installed back in 2016. It was upgraded to FreePBX 14 via the upgrade script in 2017 (October I think).

    The system has 6 users and a few test extensions.

    The system is running on a $5 Vultr instance.

  • @jaredbusch said in FreePBX 14 super slow to update and then reboot:

    I did not post a bug report there yet as I have no idea if this is reproducible.

    I mean I reverted to the snapshot prior to the update and then did all of this. But I reverted because I had exactly this same problem after the update last night.

    But I would expect a system to perform the exact same under this scenario.