Intuit up to their old tricks.

  • So I got asked to help cover for one of the other techs that ran into issues at another site. Intuit forced upgrade time, so the business owner is already not very happy about things. Get to installing Quickbooks on the new computers, and of course they haven't sent him the License# and Product# you need to install the software. Then, when I called support, they tried claiming that his account was messed up, and they refused to get the information unless they paid an additional $2,000 for upgraded support. After way to long of tier 1 support giving us the same run around, we got those two essential pieces of information almost immediately from tier 2 support. Good luck trying to find that number for tier 2 and actual help.

    For once, I'd be more than happy to testify in a court case. Nothing but a run around and attempted scam. (Yes, they had already paid for the software that couldn't even be installed.)

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