UrBackup to Network Share

  • If you are using UrBackup, you might be surprised to learn that officially it does not support the use of network drives as a backup storage location. While this is true, it also has no problem using a network share you just have to set it up manually.

    The trick here is to map a network drive to a drive letter on Windows or to mount it to a folder on UNIX. On my Linux box, I chose NFS and the /urdata storage location. If you have your desired storage location shared out via NFS, this is how you would set this up...

    mkdir /urdata

    Then in /etc/fstab, add a line like this...

    nfs-server-name:/volume1/urbackup /urdata nfs defaults 0 0

    And then when installing UrBackup, choose /urdata as your data target location.

    It's that easy to enable network shares as your backup target in UrBackup.