Installing Cockpit on Fedora after initial install

  • As everyone who reads my guides knows, I prefer to start my Fedora installs from a clean Minimal install using the NetInstall image.

    Cockpit is a lightweight web interface that you can use to manage your Linux based servers. For me that means Fedora.

    Like all core functionality, the installation and configuration is a snap.

    Install Cockpit and its dependencies.

    dnf -y install cockpit

    Start the service and enable it to start on subsequent boot up.

    systemctl start cockpit
    systemctl enable cockpit.socket

    Allow connections in through the firewall

    firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-service=cockpit --permanent
    firewall-cmd --reload

    Navigate to your server ip on port 9090

    Like most tools, it uses a self signed SSL certificate that will generate a warning to click through.

    You should be greeted with the log in page.