Looking for opinions of various DECT headsets

  • Also posted to SW here.
    Requirements: Headset must be DECT and must support Yealink T4X series phones.

    I have had a Plantronics CS540 for a couple years now, but it has failed. Contacted support and they said it is dead and all they can do is offer a discount to replace. Of course their discount price is like $5 less than I can find on Amazon with Prime, so meh.

    Because this thing has failed after only 2 years (date code 0915) and because this is the second problem with it (previously had the earpiece O-ring break), I am entertaining looking outside of Plantronics as much as I have long loved the gear. I know I have users with the same headset that is years and years old.

    Sennheiser had a booth at Spiceworld this year, and I was impressed with the quality of the units. But I would love to hear from someone with some user experience on their gear.

    I have also beta tested the VXi Corporation Reavel Pro Office unit and found it to sound tinny. I have a complementary model sitting here that I cannot use because they do not support the Yealink phones.