Sodium Helpdesk: filters, views, etc.

  • Hello everybody,

    Minor update yet still one that I think that should be posted about, I've introduced the ability to make custom views now based on filters! We had introduced filters... I want to say it was yesterday. Well today I pushed a release (or am about to) that allows you to create views based on those filters! That way you can figure out your favorite filters, choose to save them, and then from there on out you can swap between views very easily instead of having to set everything up again and again.

    -side notes:

    • I fixed the due date bug as far as I can tell (keep me posted if this comes back up. My most hated enemy. It's a side effect of the framework that is being used in conjunction with datepicker, they don't like each other)
    • Due dates are no longer required
    • I also did some work on the back end parser, we'll see if the changes had any effect in terms of picking up versions from some of the linux distros that are currently showing Not available (mainly redhat family). I had to do something other than ticketing just to keep my sanity.

    Other side note: You may experience intermittent loss of connection tonight as I plan on working quite a bit tonight and rolling out releases when I can.