Windows Desktops Now Allowed to Be Hosted on Multi-Tenant Hardware

  • This is some very big licensing and hosting news. Finally Microsoft has decided to end the strange ban on hosting Windows desktop OSes on shared use hardware which made Windows desktops insanely expensive on the cloud, for no known reason. Now cloud hosts are able to provide single cloud VMs without requiring customers to reserve an entire server for the task. This will significantly change cloud hosting offerings and we expect to see Windows 10 as an offering on places like Vultr, Amazon and Azure very, very soon.

  • Really hard to overstate just how huge this is. Now you can make your own VDI. If you just need that one, single, private system just for yourself, throw it up on Vultr. Just need ephemeral desktops, now you can. This will really change how people are able to work.

  • So it's finally happening? I remember hearing they were going to be changing the license to allow for this sort of thing. All I can say is, that's a lot of licensing money you've been prohibiting.