Excel Task Question

  • I have been given a database with data in this format:

    Company Person1 Person2 Person3
    and would like it
    Company Person1
    Company Person2
    Company Person3

    I am assuming I can just write a program the goes through each line X times and pulls out the data and write it to a new sheet.

    But not knowing VB, I figured I'd check and see if anyone had already done something like this and had any suggestions/code.

  • That's a basic pivot table

  • @JaredBusch said in Excel Task Question:

    That's a basic pivot table

    I've never used Pivot Tables in that manner. I don't see how you could do what I am looking to do with a pivot table but I do not use them as much as you, perhaps.

    The company is not changing. So there are 4 people in each row who need 4 new rows with all the data from the company in the same row.

  • OK so it's a complicated pivot table but it still a pivot

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