WordPress Tuning with MemCache

  • Is configuring memcache within wordpress more beneficial, or is it more beneficial to configure memcache within Apache (httpd)?

    Or should it be configured to within both, and be set the same? The goal is to tune the system to be able to support a possible surge in visitors per month and I'm looking for guidance.

  • You'll want a cache-managing plugin for WordPress that will talk directly to memcached. In general, you'll get a lot less from adding memcached and mod_pagespeed for Apache because that is only for static files, but you can do that too.

  • Make sure that you have plenty of memory overhead before doing any of this. If you are memory constrained, this will not have the benefits that you are hoping for. Memcached is going to devour RAM, so you want lots of overhead. If you don't have gobs of overhead, stick to only the WordPress component (this uses a lot less than the Apache piece.) Check your memory stats, you don't want memcache eating system cache, then you are into "performance cannibalization."

    Instead of memcached for Apache, we use Varnish.

  • Thank you, I'll investigate from here.