Digital Ocean gets Load Balancers

    • Load balance TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS workloads within a specific DigitalOcean region.
    • When using HTTPS, you can either terminate SSL on our Load Balancer or choose to use a passthrough mode.
    • Choose your balancing algorithm and configure custom health checks, or use our defaults.
    • Track Load Balancer usage and troubleshoot problems using the integrated graphs and metrics.
    • Manage your Load Balancers using our web dashboard or APIs.

  • That's huge. That has been the top thing holding them back from AWS.

  • Any word on what product they are using for this?

  • Over the past five years, we've seen our community grow by leaps and bounds, and we've grown right alongside it. More and more of our users are managing complex workloads that require more resilience and need to be highly available. Our Floating IPs already enable you to implement an architecture that eliminates single points of failure, but we knew we could do better by bringing our "DO-Simple" approach to the problem.

    So today, we are releasing Load Balancers—a fully managed, highly available service that you can deploy as easily as a Droplet.

    Our goal is to provide simple and intuitive tools that let your team launch, scale, and manage production applications of any size. With our Load Balancers, just choose a region and which Droplets will receive the traffic. We take care of the rest.

    Load Balancers cost $20/month with no additional bandwidth charges and are available in all DigitalOcean regions.

  • They are going to integrate LetsEncrypt, too.