@travisdh1 said in Dell VxRail: @scottalanmiller said in Dell VxRail: @NetworkNerd said in Dell VxRail: There's an entire Ready Node selector here on VMware' site - http://vsanreadynode.vmware.com/RN/RN. One thing we learned is that you can go single-socket with the hosts to save on vSphere and vSAN licenses. Just beef up memory because there will be some overhead for vSAN traffic that folks seem to overlook. I know we did. Most vendors are pushing single socket these days, except for MS. That's why Scale starts on single socket, for example. That actually makes sense. With got 22core/44thread processors available, the need for more than a single processor is far less than it used to be. Yes, it's a very common SMB mistake to buy two procs when almost never is that warranted in the SMB market. Single proc of the same core count and speed is faster than two procs and cheaper.