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@Emad-R Exactly, that's more than running your own. $2.95 PER WEBSITE is quite expensive. Run your own and you can do it for $.35 per site!

No you cannot. Not for a single site or even a dozen.

$5 vultr instance / 12 sites comes in at $0.42

That doesn't count the labor to maintain, patch, make resiliant (excluding content related development, etc).
While certainly not expensive, it is also certainly not $0.35.

Ah, but don't forget, when we did a labour study we found that dealing with your own install had lower labour than when dealing with a shared instance because you don't get raw access. So we lowered labour.

So my numbers were obviously without labour, but so were the shared numbers. If you include labour both go up, but the shared goes up more from what we found in testing.