In that original thread, I never caught this before, he also said: Most of you have never even setup a printer to print through word and mail merge so that when a letter is printed it prints the envelope, pulls from tray 1 for Company Letterhead and prints the rest from tray 2 and collates them. This is not easy to google so let me here the steps if you can do this. In my experience it's always the biggest idiots on the planet who make assumptions about what someone can and cannot do as a means to measure knowledge or ability. Suggesting someone has almost certainly never setup a printer scenario in such an asinine way and as though that's bragging rights of some sort is sort of like when someone told me that I [thinking I was a different person than I really was] wasn't capable playing Sweet Home Alabama on the guitar... three times, and each time more indignant. This was a case of a genuinely stupid person.