@JaredBusch said in Need a good example of getting powershell arguments: I'll hit the google later, because I am on other things, but I found that something I touched today could very easily be improved if I can add parameter handling to the powershell script. Now, the basics are easy as it is all in the $ARGS variable/object. But I want to have some safety checking. because it is easier to do things right the first time. Example: I want a parameter to note if I should make the thing being done the default. I can pass a 1 like dothing.ps1 1 and I can simply code something to check $ARG[0] eq "1" but that is not very explanatory to the person using the script. This is more explanatory dothing.ps1 -default for a command. So has anyone seen a good example of parameter handling that I can put into my dothing.ps1 script? I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean. Taking a guess here, but how I understand is that you'd want to add this at the top of your script: [cmdletbinding()] param ( [Parameter()] [Switch]$Default ) if ($Default) { Write-Host "The -Default parameter was specified." } else { Write-Host "The -Default parameter was NOT specified." } Doing that will give you the following output: PS > .\JBTest.ps1 -Default The -Default parameter was specified. PS > .\JBTest.ps1 The -Default parameter was NOT specified. If you want to accept input from a pipeline to work with, let me know.