@networknerd said in Yealink Phone Provsioning Strategy: Just out of curiosity, which PBX are you using in conjunction with the Yealink phones? I realize this does not scale well, but when we rolled out Yealink phones,we ended up doing a manual configuration of each phone. It was simple and didn't require us to configure some kind of provisioning server. But in truth, I always wanted to setup a provisioning server to learn how to do it. Elastix (assuming you have not migrated) and FreePBX both expose /tftpboot for this. I do not have any Elastix instance running, but I do believe it was accessible from http as well as tftp. In FreePBX you specify which services are available in the Firewall and SysAdmin modules. Then you just drop the files into /tftpboot and access them however. With a local install you can use tftp or with a remote install you can use https so that the SIP credentials never go over the internet in the clear. For example, here is my phone's (redacted) config file. https://fpbx.bundystl.com:1443/00156565xxxx.cfg None of you should be able to access it, but it is redacted just in case When I navigate to the URL from an allowed network, I see it though.