@PSX_Defector said: @Brains said: It's just bad timing and we are in the healthcare market and subject to Texas's Workers Compensation craziness, so its been a rough year or two for us. Then you best not be using PPTP. Compliance audits will come down on you hard. If anyone will be at Lone Star PHP in Texas this weekend, let me know. Ill be there and will buy you a beer. I thought you were talking about Big Texas Beer Fest, which was last weekend. I was planning on trying to use L2TP and darn for missing the Beer Fest. That's my kind of place! Well Whiskey Fest would be MORE my kinda place haha. I also wanted to ask you about this as well: 3 Year Warranty & InControl 2 for Balance One/Balance One Core I really doubt the cloud management would be useful for us since we only have 2 local devices (one active at a time). We will get free firmware updates AFAIK, so I don't really know why that is mentioned. Is there any reason we should get this package? 25% price increase for 2 additional years of warranty doesn't seem worth it to me.