@wrx7m said: I have supported FM server here for the past 5.5 years (Versions 10-13, so far). It is OK from a small-scale perspective but like you said above, you don't want to look small-scale, especially since you will almost surely trap yourself. As far as I can tell, FM does not scale well. Our FM guy is a co-owner and taught himself how to create and maintain FM databases and he is pretty good at it. However, I am sure there are things he has done that were taking the long way around with a sort of house of cards effect. I would say that over half of our business relies on the 25 or so databases he has created. I supported FM for a company, NTG's second MSP customer, actually, for over a decade and it does its job well enough for what it is. But there is no doubt that it's extremely limiting in every possible way. They use it for a three person office that was two people in 2001 when the company started and grew to whopping.... two people over a decade later. During the summers they go up to three people for a few months during their busy season. For a company with zero growth and no high reliability demands (it can be down for a month at times without an issue) it worked fine. But, very limiting and they have had to pay a bit for it over the years and I'm not sure that a spreadsheet would not have been cheaper and easier.