@scottalanmiller said in Forum Posting Etiquette: @Dashrender said in Forum Posting Etiquette: @scottalanmiller said in Forum Posting Etiquette: @Dashrender said in Forum Posting Etiquette: I think I like FB's way about the best. There is the OP, followed by level one of posts, which can have their own second level, but not a third - though a third, etc would be awesome because it would allow someone to have a full on conversation about that single higher idea - the main thing to be concerned about would be the eventual drifting of that conversation would would belong to a high yet post. It's not a bad concept. I've found that whatever FB does, though, results in just.... no meaningful conversation. It's very drifting and lost. Maybe it is because they don't have a good way to view it. But I never seen meaningful conversations there, just this weird meandering of comments. It makes it easy to respond and leave and never to engage or find closure. It's good for gossip, bad for peer review. I think that's just the way people treat it - I've had some (though very few) good fully engaged conversations on FB. Yeah, that's very possible. But I think the interface plays a role in encouraging behaviour. LIke it never shows what is relevant. yeah - I have no idea how FB decides what to show you? I use a filter that always pulls the page back to chronological order. Shit thing though - FB reposts the same thing like 4 times sometimes, it's ridiculous