@tim_g Hi, I'm working for Veeam. Could you be a little bit more specific on the following, please? When a newer version of Linux (kernel) arrives, the fix no longer works. What distro do you use? Many softwares are free that work on CURRENT OSs, that do not automatically break every time there's a new kernel release. I'm not sure which softwares are you referring to, would you provide an example of a backup software that works on current (not stable) releases? I asked in their community forum which person I need to private message for a fix this time... and they point me to support to fix a product that's WAY behind. Did they (support) provide you with the wrong fix? <...> especially with how they treat the whole issue on their forums. This one is interesting - no one would point you to the support team for no reason. Whoever forwarded you apparently had an information that support had the fix. Would you give us the link to the forum message that you've mentioned? Also, what's wrong with going directly to support team to obtain a fix, especially if someone form the company advised you to do so? And yes, Veeam Agent for Linux requires you to install a 3rd party (Veeam's) kernel module to make the thing work. Otherwise there would be no snapshot and CBT (changed block tracking) capabilities in the product. Thanks